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    Genuine Meteorite Ring

    Ever been enthralled by the night sky on a warm summer evening - the vastness of space, the incredible distances to the stars, the timelessness of it all?

    Bring that sense of wonder back down to Earth by wearing your own tiny piece of it – a meteorite ring - forged in a comet on the other side of the solar system.

    Drifting through space for billions of years, this particular meteorite landed in Namibia, Africa hundreds of thousands of years ago.

    Each meteorite ring is rare, natural, and as completely unique as the one who wears it. 

    Handmade in our Reno NV studio, each chunk of meteorite is cut to exacting specifications. Once formed to size and shape, each is individually etched to reveal the intertwined mix of metals completely unique to that particular ring.

    These rings come in sizes 5 to 10, including half sizes. We wish we could make them bigger, but this is the limit of the material we have access to.

    They also do not have a finish on them – we leave their unaltered brilliance as natural as possible.

    Unlike our other rings, these meteorite rings CANNOT be resized or returned. As a result, we are ONLY offering them to existing customers who have purchased a ring from us so we can confirm the correct size.

    ***Once you order, email with the size of your previous ring order.***

    Meteorite chunks suitable for making rings are rare. If the ‘Add to Cart’ button is visible, I still have one or two in the safe. If not, feel free to email us and we’ll put you on a wait list for when we can get our hands on more.

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