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    Lady Liberty Statement Cuff

    Size Guide

    Unique Silver Cuff Coin Bracelet 

    This is a large, stunning statement piece of jewelry, celebrating the iconic image of "Lady Liberty striding confidently into the dawn of a new day."

    Originally issued on the 1917 Walking Liberty half dollar, and widely believed to be the most beautiful US coin ever minted, this image has been used on American currency over and over. And on this piece we display Lady Liberty as she appears on numerous coins.

    Most recently her image was adopted for the US Silver Eagle, the world standard for silver bullion coins. In fact, a pristine Silver Eagle is the centerpiece of this wonder cuff. 

    Flanking the Silver Eagle are half-ounce bullion coins, a pair of 1940s Walking Liberty Half Dollars, and two sets of quarter and tenth ounce bullion coins – all showcasing Lady Liberty. 

    We hand-select each coin and form your cuff right in our studio in Reno NV.  Each cuff is made-to-order, nothing is ever 'off-the-shelf'.

    It's durable enough for everyday wear. 


    This cuff comes polished to a bright silver finish so that it sparkles and catches the eye. It is offered in sizes M-L-XL.

    To find your size, measure the circumference of your wrist:

    Medium = 6.5"
    Large = 7.5"
    Extra Large = 8.5"

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