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    John Wick Silver Coin Ring



    When John Wick needed a sanctuary, he used the underworld gold coin to gain safe haven to the Continental Hotel. The coin reads “ENS CAUSA SUI” (Something Generated Within Itself) and “EX UINITAE VIRES” (Out of Unity Comes Strength).

    These coins have unknown currency values in the film, but could be exchanged for any type of underworld services -- including dead body removal, the services of 'the sommelier' to purchase illegal firearms and, of course,  dog-sitting.

    Although the coins in the film are gold, these coins are made of 1-oz .999 silver. This unique ring is sure to be a conversation-starter. Just stay quiet so Officer Jimmy doesn’t show up for a “noise complaint.”


    You can order yours in sizes 9 to 15, including half sizes. You also have your choice of finish - polished or with a patina. Our personal favorite is the patina finish - it makes the details really pop!

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