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    Ring Sizing Info

    We understand choosing the right ring size can be a challenge when shopping for a unique piece. While it is highly recommended to visit a local jewelry store to get a free and most accurate assessment, we offer a ring sizer that most accurately matches the size of our rings.

    Use our Ring Sizer to Find Your Ring Size

    Our SSF Ring Sizer is quickest, easiest, and cheapest way find your ring size.
    It is incredibly easy to use by simply wrapping it around your finger and putting the end through the loop. Cinch it until you're comfortable you can slide it on and off. This way you know it's not too loose and not too tight.
    Each ring sizer purchase includes a discount code making it FREE for your first purchase! 


    You can order the sizer on the website for $10, and you will receive a code to get that $10 back when you order a ring.

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