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    They are rings handcrafted from either gold, silver, brass or copper coins. Check out our forging process video to see how we preserve the detail from the original coin, both inside AND outside the band, while still maintaining a comfortable fit.

    It's perfectly legal. U.S. federal law prohibits counterfeiting, reproduction and defacement with "intent to defraud."

    There's a few reasons silver generally make the best coin rings (long answer version). Because in our forging process silver responds the best to both heat and pressure. The other reason is other metals such as copper, brass, and nickel can cause discoloration and irritation of the skin. Coins minted in today’s times rarely have silver in them. They use a combination of the above metals (known as "clad" coins). We avoid these because they make poor quality coin rings. You will see this with other sellers because the appearance is duller and likely pre-made.

    We inspect the purity and forge each ring in our shop at time of order, never pre-made. We want you to love each and every one of your beautiful and unique pieces. Each ring does not leave our shop if we would not be proud to wear it ourselves.

    Each unique piece is handcrafted in our workshop in Reno, Nevada. We are proud veteran-owned business!

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    We ship our rings as soon as possible. Click here for full information on our delivery times.

    We understand fitting issues happen. If your ring does not fit after you receive it, click here.

    Every SSF piece is 100% satisfaction guaranteed. We stand behind every piece handcrafted for our customers. If for any reason, you do not love your purchase, contact us. We are happy to refund or exchange it within 60 days. Click here for more information.

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