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    Take Your Morgan Coin Ring to a Whole New Level!

    As with our Classic Morgan Silver Dollar Coin Ring, this ring uses a genuine Morgan Silver Dollar as the foundation of a ring like no other. But inlaid into the face of the ring, a channel of fiery opal catches the eye with a iridescent colors as you move your hand. 

    Available opal colors include Dragon Scale Green, Black Emerald, Azure Blue, Fire Blue, and Crimson, all set into an obsidian black background to create a mesmerizing effect.

    Note that ALL opals 'flash' other colors of the spectrum in light as you move them around - none are 'just' a single solid color. But that's what makes them so eye catching!

    Also available is a blue background with silver flake inlay as a tribute to our local school, the University of Nevada - Reno (Go Wolf Pack!)

    At this time these are the only color options available.

    Each ring retains all of the coin's original detail on the inside, clearly showing its year, 'E Pluribus Unum', and 'Liberty' in Lady Liberty's hairband, along with the coin's original reeded edge.

    This ring is also available with cremation ashes mixed into the obsidian background - check out our Remembrance Coin Ring for more info.


    Once the inlay is set, these rings cannot be resized. Therefore, getting the size right the first time is imperative. 

    Upon placing your order we'll mail you a ring sizer via USPS.  Follow the included instructions for find your exact size. Then email your size to us and we'll make your ring.


    All of our rings are made to order. This ring is estimated to take 3-4 days to ship once we know your size.


    We are a veteran owned small business. Each ring is "Made in USA" in-house by our US Army veteran in our Reno, Nevada studio.

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