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    Morgan Silver Dollar Money Clip


    Growing up, the men in my life carried money clips.

    Wallets were for a driver's license, a couple family photos, and a credit card or two.

    But cash was always neatly folded, slipped into a money clip, and slid into the front left pants pocket. 

    I remember peering over the top of grandpa's bureau at his 'every day carry'. A pen knife, wallet, watch (metal stretch-band Omega), glasses, and loose change.

    But what really caught my eye was his money clip.

    Wide and gently curved, it was silver with hand engraved swirls, flourishes, and gothic initials. It was intricate and beautiful, and somehow very sophisticated.

    Something only grown men carried. Successful men. Men of principle and integrity and a sense of their worth in the world.

    His dad had carried that money clip before him (they were his initials on it). And I hoped one day it would be mine.

    Unfortunately, that money clip was lost to time. But it still lives on in my memory of him.

    Fast forward 40+ years, and I'm playing around at the workbench, stretching a Morgan silver dollar way beyond anything I'd done before. I was thinking to maybe make it into a cuff bracelet.

    But before I could get it that big, it ripped. 

    Once the disappointment subsided, I began wondering what else I might make from this hunk of scrap silver. 

    And then it hit me. Why not a money clip?

    What would be more appropriate than a money clip made from a silver dollar?

    Polished silver with intricate details. Historic and loaded with meaning. A throwback to the days when America was just becoming the powerhouse of the world.

    A symbol of pride and strength and accomplishment.

    Unique and sophisticated without being pretentious.

    So I set about figuring out how to form it into the image I had in my mind - flattening and straightening it, bending it, and polishing it into an heirloom piece of jewelry.

    It took a few days to get it right. But I still carry that same money clip years later, and it just keeps getting better with age.

    Then not too long ago my grandson turned seven and I thought I'd make him one. 

    I had to relearn how to make it, but his turned out even better than mine. 

    And when I put a couple of pics on social media, I was overwhelmed with inquiries. 

    And here we both are. Are you ready for me to make you one?


    Morgans were minted using .90 silver, making them perfect for use as a money clip.

    Unlike fine (.999) or sterling (.925) silver which are soft metals, the Morgan's .90 silver was specifically designed to weather daily use without losing its detail. 

    Over time your clip will develop a mild patina all its own, and sliding it in-and-out of your pocket will help keep all of the raised details brightly polished.

    Moreover, the forging process I use leaves your clip in a "work hardened" state, meaning you do not have to worry about the 'spring' or elasticity of the clip getting 'loose' over time.


    These clips take a LOT of skill and time to craft.

    The process doesn't even being until I've formed a perfect Morgan Silver Dollar coin ring. Then I stretch it even more (think of a napkin ring!), during which many coins 'blow out' and the process starts over.

    Once to size, I delicately cut it, taking detail placement into prime consideration.

    The most difficult part is flattening and straightening it, turning it into what I jokingly call a "Morgan Popsicle Stick".

    Applying just the right amount of heat in just the right places, the moment of truth takes place - bending it into the classic money clip shape. 

    Finally, I sand and smooth the edges before a 9-step polishing process brings it to a mirror finish. 

    But all this time and effort results in a stunning heirloom piece that you'll proudly hand down to the next generation.


    As with all Silver State Foundry products, if your clip should ever need servicing in any way, just send it back and I'll return it to you in a few days just like new. For free. For life.


    Given the time each money clip takes to make, delivery may take as long as 1-2 weeks. 

    Occasionally I make a small batch and offer them as a 'limited drop'. These ship the next business day, unless the drop sells out, in which case it will be 1-2 weeks.

    Shipping in the USA is by USPS Priority Mail.


    I am an army veteran and I make all pieces right here in my rolling studio. Originally located in Reno, Nevada, I've since rebuilt my studio in a Sprinter van, allowing me to travel these great United States of ours and make fine jewelry at the same time. 

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