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    Ring Finishes

    Choosing a finish for your coin ring is personal. At Silver State Foundry, we offer two distinct finishes - patina or polished.

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    Silver State Foundry's Patina Finish

    Our patina finish (also known as 'antiquing') makes the detail on your coin ring 'pop' by creating contrast between the high relief details and the background. It's this contrast that draws the eye and highlights the engraver's original design.

    The patina is not a coating on the ring, it is an actual chemical process that physically changes the properties of the silver, similar to etching.

    Your coin ring will arrive with the patina delicately removed from the high relief areas. As you wear your ring, a bit more of the patina will wear off by design. It'll become 'broken in', taking on a bit of your personality, just like a favorite pair of jeans or leather gloves. It will be as unique as you are.

      Patina on 1 Rupee coin ring  Winged Cobras with patina  Morgan coin ring with patina

    Silver State Foundry's Polished Finish

    By nature, silver is easily polished to a bright, sparkling finish. At Silver State Foundry we use a combination of polishing compounds and a buffing wheel to bring your ring to a high polish that captures the eye. 

    Once polished, we apply a coat of Renaissance Wax, a durable, non-peeling wax designed to lock in your ring's brilliance.

    As with any polished silver jewelry, your coin ring will need to be occasionally re-polished to rejuvenate that bright shine. This is easily done at home with a silver compound and a polishing rag, or by your local jeweler. 

    Polished Morgan Silver Dollar coin ring  Polished Buddhism Celebration coin ring  Polished 1 Rupee coin ring

    Preserving Your Ring's Finish

    All silver jewelry, including your coin ring, reacts badly to chemicals. To avoid tarnishing or otherwise damaging the finish of your ring we suggest avoiding exposure to common chemicals, such as chlorine in pools or any household cleaning products.

    Renewing Your Ring's Finish

    We want you to be as proud of your coin ring as we were of making it. If you ever need to renew your ring's patina, rejuvenate it's polished shine, or repair surface damage we'll take care of you for free, for life. Just contact us to let us know you are sending it back and to coordinate shipping.  

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