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    Bring Your Own - Custom Silver Coin Ring

    Can I provide the coin for my coin ring?

    We get asked all the time by customers if they can provide us with their coin. Our customers often have a coin that’s been in the family for generations or is part of their personal coin collection. And it makes perfect sense to transform it into a heirloom quality work of art suitable for daily wear!

    We love making this a reality. Chances are we've spoken to you and directed you to this option.

    It's important to note not all coins are suitable candidates because of composition of the coin for sizing and comfort. We only accept silver or gold coins. Most silver was removed from US coins intended for circulation in the early-to-mid 1960s. The US Mint has since struck a number of silver coins intended for private collections.

    Will my coin that I send to you work?

    The US silver coins that make the best rings are:

      • American Silver Eagles
        • Years: 1986 to Present
        • Sizes: 8 to 16
      • Morgan Silver Dollars
        • Years: 1878 to 1904, and 1921
        • Sizes: 8 to 16
      • Walking Liberty Half Dollars
        • Years: 1917 to 1947
        • Sizes: 6 to 12
      • John F. Kennedy Half Dollars (1964)
        • Years: 1964 Only
        • Sizes: 6 to 12
      • John F. Kennedy Half Dollar Silver Proofs
        • Years: 1992 to Present
        • Sizes: 6 to 12
      • Silver Statehood Quarters
        • Years: 1999 to 2008
        • Sizes: 5 to 10

    Foreign Coins

    We regularly work with foreign coins, include a photo or video of the front and back of the coin in the email to to find out if the size and material will work out.

    Military Challenge Coins

    Unfortunately, these are either brass or similar alloy that are not hypoallergenic, cause discoloration and irritation of the skin so we do not work with these.


    The price for a custom ring using your silver coin is $275. This is often slightly more than using our coin, and customer often as why. Shouldn't it actually be cheaper?

    The reasons are two-fold. First, it takes longer to make a ring using your coin rather than ours, and second, it is riskier to use your coin.

    You see, when we make rings using our own coins, we can do them in small batches of 4-6 rings. But when we make a ring using your coin, we must do it as a one-off rather than as a batch. Otherwise it might get mixed up with one of the others. 

    And doing it as a one-off takes more time.

    To understand the risks, you need to realize that not all coins make it through the process from coin to ring. Some rip, some bend wonky - we call these 'blow ups'.

    If one of our coins 'blows up', no big deal - that's just the cost of doing business. But if your coin blows up, that is a big deal, and we need to avoid that at all costs. 

    Consequently, we take a number of additional precautions to ensure your coin doesn't 'blow up'. We lose about 3% of our coins to blow ups, but are 100% successful with customer coins using these additional techniques. 

    All of this means that we guarantee we'll make your coin into a great ring, but that it comes at a small additional cost. 

    If your coin has special meaning and significance, by all means let's do this! Otherwise, let us use our coin and save yourself a few dollars.

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