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    Cremation Ash Coin Ring

    Remembrance Ring From Cremation Ashes

    Honor a loved one who's passed with a cremation ash coin ring as unique and beautiful as they were. 

    Using a small amount of cremation ashes mixed with opal and inlaid into a Morgan Silver Dollar, this ring conjures the comfort of your loved one close by, wherever you go.

    The opal for the inlay comes in multiple colors, and each color shimmers in the light.

    Creating Your Memorial Ring

    You'll receive a small vial to fill with cremation ashes of your loved one. No more than teaspoon is needed, and we return unused ashes to you. 

    These rings cannot be resized once the inlay is complete. So along with the vial we'll send you a ring sizer. This will ensure a perfect fit the first time. Please note - available sizes are 9 through 14, including half sizes.

    Both of these - the vial and the sizer - will arrive with a prepaid return envelope.

    Once received back at our studio, it will take 4-5 days to create your ring. Your ring and the unused ashes are sent back to you via USPS Priority mail, usually taking 2-3 days.

    The rings pictured use an obsidian black background for the inlay without ashes. Adding ashes will slightly lighten the background from a pure black to a deep charcoal gray. Personally, we prefer the charcoal gray background over the obsidian black, but for privacy reasons we are not showing customer rings using ashes.

    If you're interested in an inlay ring without ashes, check out our Morgan Silver Dollar Coin Ring with Inlay product page.

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