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    Mercury Dime Pendant


    While most people believe the Roman god Mercury is on the Mercury dime, it is actually Lady Liberty wearing a Phrygian cap, symbolizing "freedom of thought". And in these times we live it, doesn't it make sense to celebrate your personal track record as an independent thinker? Or to remind us to question what we are being told?

    This dazzling pendant features a vintage silver Mercury Dime from the 1940s inlaid into a copper wreath from an 1800s Canadian Large Cent. The mirror finish of the silver really pops against the fiery copper wreath!

    The jump ring is soldered and polished sterling silver (not a split ring commonly found on mass produced jewelry), and this handcrafted pendant hangs from an 18" sterling silver ball chain. 


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    We are a veteran owned small business. Each pendant is "Made in USA".

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