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    There's always something new happening on the workbench here at Silver State Foundry: ringing out a rare and valuable coins; exploring new coin jewelry designs; inventing new techniques that help the industry evolve. 
    Silver State Foundry is the best place to get your silver coin rings. Here’s why.
    Read on to find out why age is so much more than just a number!
    In this video, Terry explains the ideas behind his creation of gemstone coin rings as well as showing the steps that go into making these wearable works of art
    I have been working away in the studio to now introduce gemstones on our coin rings.
    Terry Ladd here from Silver State Foundry. Another question that I get asked a lot is "Hey, I've got this really cool coin that I inherited from Grandpa. Can I send it in to you to have it made into a ring?"
    One of the questions I get all the time is, "Is it illegal to deface coins and turn them into rings?"
    Choosing a finish for your ring is personal. We offer two distinct finishes - patina or polished.
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