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    Q & A Series: Can I Provide My Own Coin?

    Yes, you can provide Terry with your coin, however, read on to find out what else is involved or watch the video below!

    Each ring is made out of a single coin which is never cut or soldered. By applying a complex process of heat and pressure, the details of the coin are completely preserved, both on the outside and inside of the ring.

    Not all coins make great rings and even if you've got a coin that makes a great ring, I may not be able to make it into the size that you want. So for instance, you may have a silver dollar from the 1800s, but you want it in a Size 7. Well, you can't take a silver dollar and turn it into a size 7, it just doesn't work... or you may have an old quarter and say, I want a Size 13. That just doesn't work...

    So the best thing to do is shoot me an email, I need to know what coin, what year, and what size you're looking for, and I'll absolutely get back to you with an answer about whether your coin can be turned into a ring. If you've got any questions, again, just shoot me an email, Thanks!

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