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    Introducing Gemstone Coin Rings!

    I am so excited and proud to offer something new, completely unique and timeless – gemstones set in authentic coin rings!

    These rings and settings are 100% crafted from scratch using old world techniques. Nothing off the shelf – everything is hand-fashioned. These rings and their settings are made to last a lifetime – or three.

    You can choose from a number of gems:

    Emerald       Garnet
    Amethyst     Aquamarine
    Ruby             Golden Citrine
    Sapphire      Cubic Zirconia

    Diamonds are also an option, but are a special request.

    I source all of my gems from two of the most reputable brokers out of Tel Aviv, the seat of the world’s gem trade. Ultimately, these stones come from all over the world: Brazil, Thailand, Montana, Sri Lanka, etc. While rare, occasionally I must use a lab-created stone when quality and availability of natural stones make them impossible to source.

    Based on the coin ring you choose, the setting style will be either flush set or bezel set.

    As the name implies, flush set gems place the top of the stone flush with the surface of the coin ring. Flush setting are only available on rings made from silver dollar coins because smaller coins are too thin to house the entire stone.

    On the other hand, bezel set gems sit ‘proud’, meaning the table of the gem sits slightly above the surface of the coin ring and is held in place by the bezel.

    Not all coin rings make great candidates to have a gem set in them. Some have bands which are too narrow. Others' bands are too thin. And some leave no good place to set the gem within the design on the coin.

    So here is the list of rings that I can place a gem in for you:

    Egyptian Winged Cobra – 5mm flush-set or 6mm bezel-set
    American Silver Eagle – 5mm flush-set or 6mm bezel-set
    Newfoundland Half Dollar – 5mm bezel-set
    Irish Florin – 5mm bezel-set
    Irish Half Crown – 5mm or 6mm bezel-set
    Aztec Calendar – 5mm flush-set or 6mm bezel-set

    Given the custom nature of these rings, they cannot be returned or exchanged. Additionally, once the stone is set, these rings cannot be resized either.

    So to make sure you are completely satisfied with your ring, we need to collaborate a bit on its creation. What I’ve found works best is this: Place your order and I’ll send you a ring sizer – even if you know your size, I want to verify it. You email me with your size and I'll make your coin ring. Before I set the stone, I’ll send the ring to you so you can try it on and verify the sizing or request an adjustment. You’ll also receive a return envelope with postage prepaid.

    Once I get your ring back, I’ll make any necessary adjustments and set your stone. It’ll be back on its way to you in no time!

    If you have previously purchased a coin ring from me and would like to upgrade it with a gemstone, we can do that for you. Just send me an email at and we can chat about it.

    Again, I could not be more thrilled to share my new creations with you! You can check out the entire collection here:

    Thank you for your business,

    Terry Ladd
    Owner, Silver State Foundry


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