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    Coin Ring Vizualizer

    Coin Ring Vizualizer

    Spin it, flip it, change the size to get a better idea of how your ring will look!

    • Tap the SHOW MENU tab to the right.
    • Choose the COUNRTY and COIN you want to see.
    • Use your finger to spin, flip, or resize your ring.


    Want to get a better idea of what your coin ring will look like? This tool allows you to move the ring around in 3D. 

    It is set using defaults for the hole that will be punched in the coin. We recommend not changing them. But feel free to adjust the size to see how it changes the ring's shape.

    Please note that the Vizualizer uses raw coins for the images. This means that they do not accurately show the 'finish' on the ring - a rich, dark patina that highlights the details, or a bright polished finish that sparkles in the eye. It also means it shows many of the dings and light scratches on circulated coins that will not be present in your ring.

    Lastly, the Vizualizer works best on a laptop/desktop computer, although it works on a phone as well. But on a phone you may need to fiddle with it to get the configuration menu to move aside to view the ring. 

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