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    Can I Provide The Coin To Use For My Ring?

    We get this question all the time. Our customers often have a coin that’s been in the family for generations, or is part of their personal coin collection, and they’d like to take it out of a dusty drawer and turn it into a work of art or heirloom they’ll wear on a daily basis.

    And we love making this a reality for our clients, so the answer is ‘Yes’!

    However, not all coins make good rings, and even the good coins can’t be made into every desired size. So below is what you need to know.

    Which Coins Work and In What Sizes?

    We only use silver or gold coins. Most silver was removed from US coins intended for circulation in the early-to-mid 1960s, although the US mints have struck a number of silver coins intended for private collections since then.

    From our experience, the US silver coins that make the best rings include:

    • American Silver Eagles (1986 to present) in sizes 8 to 16
    • Morgan Silver Dollars (1878 to 1904, 1921) in sizes 8 to 15
    • Walking Liberty Half Dollars (1917 to 1947) in sizes 6 to 12
    • John F. Kennedy Half Dollars (1964) in sizes 6 to 12
    • John F. Kennedy Half Dollar Silver Proofs (1992 to present) in sizes 6 to 12
    • Silver Statehood Quarters (1999 to 2008) in sizes 5.5 to 10

    We also regularly work with foreign coins, but the list of appropriate coins and sizes is way to long to list here. If you are considering using a foreign coin, please send a picture of the front and back of it to and we’ll let you know if it works, in what sizes, and how much it would cost to create a ring for you.

    Unfortunately, we typically do not work on military unit or challenge coins. These coins are typically brass or a similar alloy and do not make good rings. These metals are not hypoallergenic and thus cause skin irritation and discoloration. However, if you have one in silver or gold and it is not painted or enameled, we would be happy to turn it into a ring for $185.

    How Much Does It Cost?

    For US silver coins, below is our pricing. You’ll need to cover the cost of sending the coin to us, but return shipping is included in the price. There is no sales tax on internet sales unless you are in the state of Nevada in which case sales tax of 8.27% will be applied.

    • American Silver Eagles - $185
    • Morgan Silver Dollars - $145
    • Walking Liberty Half Dollars - $135
    • John F. Kennedy Half Dollars - $105

    Please note that no other discounts can be combined with this purchase.

    On occasion we have turned multiple coins into rings for a group of family members. If this is your plan, let us know the number and types of coins and we will provide discounted pricing for a volume order.

    How Long Does It Take?

    From the day we receive your coin it generally takes 3-4 days to turn it into a ring. It then will go out in the mail the next business day and you typically will receive it within 2 or 3 days.

    What Is The Process To Place An Order?

    To get started, purchase the ring you want made from our website. Choose the size and finish as you normally would for a regular purchase.

    Then at checkout use one of the discount codes listed below, specifically the one that matches the type of coin you are sending. That discount code will reduce the price from normal retail pricing to the ‘customer provided coin’ pricing above.

    Once your purchase is complete, send the coin to:

    Silver State Foundry
    c/o Terry Ladd
    100 N Arlington Ave, Unit 12F
    Reno NV 89501

    Discount Codes

    For a Morgan Silver Dollar use code MORGAN
    For an American Silver Eagle use code ASE
    For a John F. Kennedy Half Dollar use JFK
    For a Walking Liberty Half Dollar use WALKER

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