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    1 oz Pre-1933 Gold Eagle Coin Ring


    At the height of the Depression FDR wanted to print more dollars to stimulate the economy (sound familiar?). But with the US dollar pegged to physical gold, this was impossible.

    To get around this he took the US off the Gold Standard in 1933. Banks were forbidden to deal in gold, and the government even seized gold coins from private citizens.

    Millions of coins were melted down, turned into bars, and moved to Fort Knox.

    No one knows exactly how many gold coins survived, but it’s surely just a fraction of their original mintages. Regardless, the remaining “pre-1933” gold coins are rare and highly sought after.

    One specific coin, the 1 oz $20 Double Gold Eagle (1907-1933), designed and engraved by world renowned sculptor Augustus Saint-Gaudens, is widely considered the most beautiful coin ever minted.

    And best of all, the Double Eagle’s design lays out perfectly on a coin ring. 90% of US coins make lousy rings because of how the images and script are laid out.

    But the Saint-Gaudens Double Eagle seems tailor made to slip on your finger and proudly announce your patriotism and achievement.


    Another characteristic that sets 1907-1933 Double Eagle apart from all other US coins is that the edge of the coin doesn’t have the typical reeded (ridged) edge.

    Instead, it’s edge stamped with ‘E PLURIBUS UNUM’ (Out Of Many, One) and 13 stars!

    If you’ve never seen an edge stamped coin before (and it’s likely you haven’t), you’ll instantly be taken in at how unique they look and feel. As a ring, that edge detail is perfectly preserved and easily readable.


    The 1907/08 Double Eagles do not include the motto “In God We Trust”.

    It wasn’t an oversight. While many coins included that motto prior to 1907, it wasn’t until 1956 that it appeared on the dollar bill and President Eisenhower signed into law that all US currency would have the motto going forward.

    That said, the motto’s omission in 1907/08 did cause some outrage, and Congress insisted that the motto be added on the Double Eagle from 1909 on. It appear on the reverse of the coin, below the eagle and in the middle of the suns rays.

    And on your ring it will be perfectly preserved and readable.

    Given the rarity of these coins (both ‘with motto’ and ‘no motto’), prices are based on using a ‘random year’ from the mintage’s 26 year run. However, you do get to choose if you want a “with motto” (1909-1933) or “no motto” (1907/08) coin to be used.

    If you would like to have a specific year’s coin sourced for your ring, email me and I’ll reply with pricing. Some years are more readily available than others, and I’ll offer you the ring at regular price plus whatever premium I must pay to acquire your specific year’s coin.

    Interestingly, there’s only one known 1933 Double Eagle and it sold a few years ago for $18.9M, and is now estimated to be work $30M! Please realize that requesting a specific year can get very pricey.


    Not only do we stand behind the craftsmanship we are famous for, but your coin will be high quality as well. We only use hermetically sealed coins graded at Mint State 63+ by National Guarantee Coin (NGC).


    If you're not sure of your size, choose "Send Me A Sizer" in the size selection dropdown box and we'll mail you a ring sizer. While the sizer is in route to you, we'll purchase your coin and it will be waiting for you to email us your size. We'll then make your ring and ship it out asap. 


    All of our rings are made to order. This ring is estimated to take 7-14 calendar days to ship from order date due to coin sourcing. That said, these ring often ship quicker much quicker than two weeks.

    The ring will be sent Next Day via either FedEx or UPS, with tracking, insurance, and signature required.


    We are a veteran owned small business. Each ring is handcrafted in the USA by Terry Ladd, a US Army veteran (1/7 Air Defense Artillery during the Gulf War - hoohah!) and master ring maker.


    Given the financial investment required to acquire and create an American Gold Eagle coin ring, this ring is excluded from returns or exchanges. 


    Starting in 1986 the US Mint began minting Gold Eagles again. The obverse (front) uses the same exact imagery as the original 'Saint Gaudens' Gold Eagle. However, the back was updated with finely details eagles. These coins also fantastic rings.

    Given their recent mintage dates, they make great rings to commemorate specific life events - weddings and anniversaries, birth years of children and grand children, beating cancer and other illnesses, graduation from school or a big promotion, etc.

    As with the Pre-1933 Gold Eagles, some years are more rare than others, meaning there may be a premium associated with requesting a specific year. Most years are 'common'. but for instance, 1986 and 1994 usually cost a bit more to obtain. 

    Learn more here to see how you can celebrate life's greatest moment with a modern, historic Gold Eagle coin ring.

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